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Across all disciplines – residential and supported living – Hospiva Care’s ethos is to empower each individual to maintain existing contacts with the community and explore new opportunities for growth and development.

Each person’s needs are different; some are self-sufficient, with the capacity to make their own decisions and live a semi-independent life, whilst others require continuous care and support. We want our service users – whatever their abilities or challenges – to get involved and become part of their wider community. This provides them with the best opportunities to lead an independent life, enabling them to experience everything their community has to offer, whether this is attending college, following interests and hobbies or simply meeting new people and making friends.
Young people and adults are supported as they access the local community, find employment or education, and develop friendships, with the aim of gradually reducing the level of support and building independence skills, including travel training and assessing risk.

Our core values are to respect, support and promote the dignity, rights and self-determination of each person. Our community support is an integral part of our service, with staff enabling, empowering and supporting them as they live life as a valuable member of society.

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