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Learning disability

What is a learning disability?

Approximately 1.4 million people in the UK have a learning disability. A learning disability affects the way a person learns and deals with things in all areas of life, such as developing skills, understanding complex information, managing money and interacting with others.

People with a learning disability often find it difficult to cope on their own with day-to-day tasks and may need support to develop the skills they need to live independently.

This level of support depends on the severity of an individual’s learning disability. Many people with a mild learning disability are able to live on their own and may only require community support to thrive. However, those with a severe or profound learning disability could require full time nursing and intensive care throughout their lives. They could also be living with a physical disability.

Living with a learning disability

Most individuals with a learning disability are treated ‘differently’ to the rest of society. They have to face prejudice and challenges on a daily basis, and may find it difficult to access services and have the control over their lives that most of us take for granted.

With our support, most people with a learning disability can enjoy meaningful, independent and fulfilling lives. In addition to full time care, we provide residential support, as well as transitional services for people taking the step into supported living.

With Hospiva Care’s help, people with learning disabilities have the opportunity to live their lives as they choose.

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